How to build your Child’s Confidence in Learning & Speaking English(while having fun)

Experience our fun and thrilling class from a true specialist !  

Here’s how children benefit from attending Mortimer English Club:

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“My son Alexander loves this English center very much, he enjoys attending classes and feels at home. Credit goes to their dedicated, loving and caring teachers.” –  Ms Grace Anne, mother of Alexander

“Teaching English in a fun and enjoyable environment is the right approach. Every class is an absolute pleasure for him and it is heartening to see their dedicated teachers in action! Educating a child is a long process and after 9 months,I am beginning to see concrete results!” – Ms Chia Chew Ping, mother of Ee Theng

About Mortimer English Club 

Mortimer English Club introduce students to the pure joy of learning. More than 300 language schools worldwide testify to the success of our language courses for children of all ages, school pupils and adults. 

Our motto is: enjoy learning! When you sign up for Mortimer language courses you will learn English in a particularly easy, relaxing and efficient manner. When you choose Mortimer English Club, you have chosen a tested and proven system which have been 27 years in the making!

Our tutors are lively & innovative and they are meticulously trained over many weeks to ensure expert delivery and execution of our classes so that your children benefits from attending Mortimer English Club classes.

Our Courses

Toddlers (English for Minis)

Preschoolers (English for Children)

Children (English for Children)

Teenagers (Fit for English)

Writing Workshops

Holiday Programmes

Learning in Action

Our programme is suitable for

Writing skills need some brushing up?

Activities & Holiday Programmes

Register for updates on our holiday programmes to enjoy these benefits.✍️ Active leaning requires Learning + Play and is most effective in children.✍️ Learn new vocabulary, grammar and writing skills.✍️ Learn to formulate new ideas through experiences.✍️ Translate ideas into wonderful words/sentences.✍️ While playing, a child feels joy, happiness and satisfaction.✍️ This help to create lasting memories (learning) for children.Call us at 017-380 1226 for more information

International Award Winning Programme

Thanks to our very satisfied clients, we have consistently won awards in 2015 & 2016. 

These awards are a testimony that our programme have worked wonders for their children!

Jabatan Pendidikan Selangor

We collaborate closely with the schools and Ministry of Education in Selangor to improve the level of

English proficiency of students. This is testimony that our programme is effective!

Our Venues

Mortimer English Club classes in public schools

Mortimer English Club classes are also being offered in any one of the public schools listed below. 

Please check with the relevant school authorities on enrollment dates and for seat availability.

Seats are limited. First Come First Serve.

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