An award winning and boutique preschool rooted in inquiry and activity based learning.

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SunshineVille Preschool

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an unforgettable learning experience for children that embodies an integrated and loving learning environment; fostering excellence in academic achievement and character building. Sunshineville is a boutique preschool which actively involves parents in the developmental process of their children. We are committed to ensuring that every child that walks through our doors are taught the following values:

✓ Character: Socially intelligent with strong moral grounding.

✓ Grit & Persistence: Optimist and to show determination to complete things well.

✓ Excellence: Pursuit of perfection.

✓ Curiosity: Learning thought discovery, are creative and become life-long learners.

✓ Leadership: Take ownership of task and value the importance of teamwork.

✓ Gratitude: Humility and thankfulness.



Sunshineville boutique preschool is a unique concept that provides an integrated curriculum riding on the 21st Century learning approach for the comprehensive development of a child. Learning is engaging, experiential and activity base. Academic excellence is anchored around a child with great character and with high moral ground. Our low teacher to student ratio facilitates effective implementation of the action-based curriculum and ensures that your child is able to absorb learning and actively participates in the class. We aspire to make your child a lifelong learner, who can creatively manoeuvre themselves around problems.

Our Services

Kindergarten (Age 4 to 6)

Nurture and enrich our children through their inquisitive minds. Active learning through flashcard presentations while repetitive reinforcement through various activities ensures that information is understood and mastered. To take our children through a step by step journey to ensure that they master vital skills such as speech, reading, writing and mathematics

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Enrichment Activities

We offer a host of enrichment activities to ensure that the various needs and interest of your children can be nourished and their talents blossomed. Our activities include Toddler Sense Programme (from UK), Mini Professors (from UK), Mortimer English Club (from Germany), Arts & Craft, Taekwondo and Chinese Story Telling.

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Pre-kindergarten (Age 2 to 3)

Play based learning focused on discovery and first hand experiences. Active learning through flashcard presentation, music & movement, songs, singing games, fine and gross motor skill activities, pre-writing and art and craft activity to promote creative thinking.

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Full Day Programme (Day care)

This is our after school programme catered for busy parents with heavy work commitments but are looking for a trusted & safe environment for their children to be in. We provide children with lunch, followed by supervised guidance in completing pending schoolwork. Children are given a bath and provided time for rest. Fun activities are arranged in the evenings to ensure that their day ends on a high.

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